Do New Customers Get a Better Deal?

"Why do companies give a better deal to new customers than to their old customers? Isn't this odd?"

I saw this question on LinkedIn and I just had to laugh. Not at the question, because it is a great one, but because it is SO True! When you look at the data that companies track there are always items around marketing, acquiring a new client, expanding to new areas, referral incentives—but where is the emphasis on reselling or upselling to current customers? Another element that this brings up is the expectation that existing customers are guaranteed to want another product or service from you, if you offer it.

Marketing to your existing customer base is a lot like marketing or developing the culture of your company—you have to sell your ideas, concepts, environment, products and services to them in a way that they choose to buy-in to the same belief as the company and feel they or their company will be better for it. This is done differently than traditional marketing to obtain new clients, as employees and your current customer base already have knowledge of you, have a perception of your company, your products and your services. Whether their perception is right or not, is irrelevant (at this point). Their current perception will influence their ability to consider any other product or service from you.
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