Clients or Customers: Who Cares!?! other day, a friend of mine on Facebook posted about a discussion she had with someone about “Clients” or “Customers.” They were discussing the differences between the two and which word you should be using to address them.

Here is my question for you: Does it matter?

Yes I know there are die-hards out there who “know” the difference between the two, and perhaps one word invokes a different state of mind within your company. But in the end, seriously does it matter?

Do you want to know my answer?

No it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you and all of your employees treat them, the service you provide, the quality of your products, and most importantly your ability to communicate with them through all stages.

So call the people who give you money customers, clients, smurfs or some other word—it honestly doesn’t matter. Just treat them with respect, listen and be open to learning from them.

By the way, if you are wasting your time trying to figure out what to call them, then you need more because you have to much time on your hands.

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