My #SeaGiveCamp Experience 2012

The other weekend I participated in Seattle GiveCamp held at Microsoft. This was my second year participating and yet again, I loved it! It is about 56 hours straight of helping non-profits solve one particular challenge that they have related to technology or online marketing.

This year, I had the opportunity to work with three non-profits: Hearing Speech and Deafness Center (HSDC), Friends of Eastside Seniors, and Plumbers without Borders.

Hearing Speech and Deafness Center (HSDC)

I was excited to see that HSDC would be there. I worked with them in 2010 and they are a great organization to work with. This year they came with the request to redesign their newsletter template. They use Vertical Response and didn’t feel the templates that they offered met their needs.

They had also brought a print out of a template that they like. We reviewed the template, discussed their needs, and designed a new one that met their needs and reflected the image that they were looking to convey.

I also got an opportunity to see what their new website is going to look like! It is really nice!

Eastside Friends of Seniors (EFS)

Since I am on the board, it is only fair that I participate in what goes on with EFS. EFS’s primary goal was to get their websites updated—the content, the images, and optimize it for the search engines.

EFS now has two websites, one for the organization and one for their annual fundraising lunch, Gathering for Seniors. Prior to the event, I sat down with the Executive Director and we created a list of everything that needed done. I am excited to say, that we were able to get everything done and more!

Plumbers without Borders

When I walked into GiveCamp, Carmela DiGregorio came up behind me, knowing all about me and my work with the construction industry. I was pleasantly surprised. She asked if I would be willing to work on a logo for them while the rest of the team worked on helping them set up a CRM.

So over the course of the weekend, the Plumbers without Borders team worked on creating a CRM for them and I created a logo. Pending approval from their board, they now have a logo and the capabilities to build their organization.

Until next year’s GiveCamp . . . .
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