Your Business is Like a Rubik's Cube of your business as a Rubik’s Cube. Each side corresponds to an aspect of your business: products and services, systems and processes, your employees, financials, clients, and marketing and sales. While each area can be broken down into great detail, those are the primary areas that a business will focus on. As with a Rubik’s Cube, no one side of your business is better or more important than the other. Instead, they all appear to be the same.

You can look at a Rubik’s Cube in one of two ways—it is all about getting all of the same color to the same side or “I bought it put together, so as long as I don’t touch it nothing will need fixing.” Both scenarios are wrong.

What makes a Rubik’s Cube so successful is not where the colored squares are, but how the squares move about. The internal engineering of the cube itself creates and solves all problems associated with the Rubik’s Cube.

You can look at your business in one of two ways—it’s all about making the numbers work, or when my business has a problem, we fix only that problem and move on. Both scenarios are wrong.

What makes a company so successful is not focusing on this department or that problem, but how all aspects of your company are connected. The internal engineering of your business is the culture of your company. Unlike the mechanical engineering of a Rubik’s Cube, your culture has infinite possibilities, challenges, and has to be adaptable to an ever changing world because of the human element that affects all sides of your business.

And don't worry...I still can't put a Rubik's Cube together, though I am an expert at messing them all up! :)
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