City of Shoreline Quick-Start - Mel DePaoli Presents Leveraging LinkedIn and YouTube

This announcement was originally published on the City of Shoreline's Area News website on March 15, 2015.

QuickStartLogoHigherRezJoin the business community at Quick-Start on Tuesday March 17th, 2015 from 12:00 to 1:30pm at Shoreline City Hall, 17500 Midvale Avenue N. for the first of a special 2 part series.

Quick-Start Shoreline is presented by Shoreline Community College Small Business Accelerator and the City of Shoreline. These workshops are designed to be helpful for start-up, existing or potential business owners. Sessions are free and open to the public. Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch.

Leveraging LinkedIn: March 17th

LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools and social platforms for professional development and business growth. Yet most people are not using LinkedIn to its full potential. From finding your next job to finding your next client, LinkedIn can help, but only if you know how to leverage it!

In this workshop we will reveal the hidden elements to get LinkedIn working for you. Starting with an overview of the platform, and aspects you need to focus on, to setting your profile up for success. Using LinkedIn, you will learn how to create that ultimate brand experience by:
  • Having a profile that will engage and interest the people you want to attract
  • Knowing the best ways to meet influential people, and your next client, and
  • Adding to your credibility through the strategic use of LinkedIn

Leveraging YouTube: March 24th

YouTube is the secret sauce for driving your Googlejuice! If you want to boost your SEO, then you’ll need to use and leverage YouTube to its fullest potential.

In this session, we will reveal the secrets to make YouTube work for you and improve your search engine optimization. Starting with an overview of the platform, and the aspects you need to focus on, to setting your channel up for success. Using YouTube, you will learn how to create that ultimate brand experience by:
  • Having a channel that will engage the people you want to attract
  • Knowing the best ways to promote your videos, and
  • Adding the secret Googlejuice to your channel to improve your SEO
Melanie DePaoli, or Mel, as she is known by her clients and friends, works with companies and organizations to create a brand experience that leverages communication strategies, an organization's culture, branding, and marketing.

She has in-depth knowledge of how culture, branding and operations intersect to impact a company's bottom line and influence your community. By providing anecdotal and research-based information, unique to each client, she enables them to understand how subtle changes can be implemented to ensure your business's success.

DePaoli will work with you to develop your brand's personality to improve your use of social media, internal and external communications, branding initiatives, and your relationship within your community.

She is an internationally recognized author of three books on culture driven brands. "Contractors: Doing it Right, Not Just Getting it Done" was designed, she says, to help put contractors on the right path as they work to maintain market share and financial viability during the global recession. “Hiring a Contractor” was published for residential construction companies to use as a marketing tool to demonstrate confidence in their work and business to prospects. "Purple Construction" is an article series that address challenges faced by women in a male-dominated industry.

As a national speaker, DePaoli speaks on topics about brand experience, customer experience, company culture, and social media. She is the founder and president of Omicle, a brand experience firm and Brand or Culture, an author and speaker coaching company, both based in Seattle, WA.
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