Yes! LinkedIn Endorsements matter!

Simply put...Endorsements are LinkedIn's way of verifying what you say you know.

Before they rolled out the endorsements, LinkedIn would just ask you what your Professional Skills are and then take it at face value. But then there were people that understood that LinkedIn is a search engine and applied SEO techniques to their profile skewing LinkedIn's search results. So now, LinkedIn asks you what you say you are an expert in, and then goes and asks your connections if that is true!

So the more endorsements you have, the more credibility the search engines give you. Having said that, its people who are looking at your profile. So having your mom endorse you does not convey credibility but it will help your SEO.

Did you know that you DO have complete control over what skills and endorsements are visible on your profile? Yes it is true. When you edit your profile, scroll to your Skills and Endorsements section and click on Add Skill.


Make sure your settings are set like this:
  • Yes! You do want LinkedIn to suggest that your connections endorse you because like you, they are busy and most likely will not think to go to your profile to endorse you.
  • Yes! You do want LinkedIn to suggest endorsements of your connections because you are busy. Let LinkedIn help you.
  • No. You don't want to receive notifications because then you will get inundated with emails that in all reality will not directly help you build your brand or get you new clients.
Another tip to remember is that if someone endorses you for something that you did not add to your profile it will not be displayed until you approve it. Oh and when you are adding new Skills, do try to stick to the prepopulated Skills that LinkedIn suggests because those are the terms that LinkedIn users are using to find you. Now click on Manage Endorsements.


You'll notice that each Skill now becomes editable. You can check or uncheck anyone that has endorsed you. If you choose to uncheck someone, they will never know that you have hidden the endorsement that they have given you.

If you would like to learn more about how to leverage LinkedIn, please visit the Omicle Learning Lab and sign up today! Happy Endorsing!
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