Mel DePaoli Goes Back to School to Get an Executive MBA Degree

By now you have probably heard that I have been accepted into the University of Washington's Michael G. Foster School of Business’s Executive MBA program. But the news I haven’t shared until now, is that I have also received two scholarships! The National Speaker’s Association has given me $5,000 and Tabor 100, $2,500.

My intention of going through this program is to obtain a different and more enhanced perspective of the business market, experience the international immersion session that is built into the program, build upon my network with an amazing group of professionals, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my excitement about being able to share new insights and knowledge with my clients and incorporate it into my work!

I want to share my sincere gratitude to both NSA and Tabor 100! Yes, the scholarships help with the obvious financial commitment that come with getting an advanced degree, but to me there is more.

The NSA scholarship that I received is called the Cavett Scholarship. The Cavett Scholarship is one of several available. Receiving this particular scholarship was both a surprise and an honor because Cavett is the founder of the organization who to this day is held in high regard. It also gives me confidence that the community that I love and am proud to be member of, believes in me and what I can become. The pictures that you see are some of the photos taken of the scholarship awardees who were present at the NSA annual convention in July 2015.

The scholarship from Tabor 100 is one of many scholarships available to minority business owners looking to further their education. They also have many scholarships and internships available to minority high school and college students. It is an honor and an inspiration that a client would show this kind of commitment to me. Tabor has been a client since 2011.

With this support, I am even more committed to excel in this Executive MBA program, and I look forward to sharing new and exciting insights and information with everyone that is supporting me. Thank you all again!
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