How to Solve the Challenge of Marketing Successfully to Generation X


The forgotten middle child or the sandwich generation, previously known as “the slackers” or being the “problematic” generation because they never really tried very hard and are very independent. They were the first generation of “latchkey kids” with dual-income families and an increased divorce rate of their parents. Gen X is the smallest generation born between the years 1965-1979. They are juggling raising their kids, paying mortgages and tuition, getting ready to retire, and caring for their parents. They are busy, many are in debt and about 80% of them are online.

What Key Events Influenced Gen X?

Marketing to Gen X.

Techniques that they prefer include:

  • They like email.
  • Become loyal to brands that offer rewards.
  • Don’t recycle the past. They know what’s been used already, and what’s new. Use new to grab their attention.
  • Very results-oriented.

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