There is More to Building Your Brand Than Just the Initial Marketing

Brands spend a lot of time focusing on the initial marketing and branding process--generating interest for the launch and/or the intended purchase of a product. That is a great start, but it leaves out two vital areas that actually determine whether a customer will do business with you again or refer you to someone else—remember the power of word of mouth!

What strategies are you implementing to ensure your customers are using your product, reusing your product and then purchasing your brand again when they need a new one? Have you truly taken the time to look at the entire life cycle of the product--packaging, opening the packaging, operating the product, obtaining the necessary help, disposing of the packaging, disposing of the product? How about the life cycle of the customer--how do you engage with them before they purchase your product, how easy is it for them to get help, how easy is it for them to give you suggestions for improvement, how does your product continue to provide value so your brand becomes top of mind, forming a loyalty to your brand?
Do customers really want a relationship with your brand?
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